Ritual Digital Minneapolis

Brand Development

Ritual Digital understands client motivations, trends and the market opportunities that drive your brands head and heart space. Our talented strategy team is able to pinpoint highly unique brand opportunities that work.
Brand strategy Development + Brand Positioning & Identity + Consumer & Market Research + Brand Health Tracking + Audience Persona Development + Data Rich Consumer Mapping + Creative + Content + Digital & Social Strategies + Communications Strategy + Brand Innovation + Proprietary White Space Identification + Application of Behavioral Economics + Collaborative Workshops + Client Journey Studies + Experience Design

Corporate Branding


Compelling brands tell compelling stories. A successful brand  fosters sustainable connectivity through vision strategies that resonate by illustrating that once we start talking with one another rather than at one another, we have much more in common than previously thought. Companies have long used perceptual mapping to understand how consumers feel about their brands relative to competitors’, to find gaps in the marketplace, and to develop brand positions. Ritual has applied our proven methodology to deliver compelling corporate brands for hundreds of organizations.


  • Market research

  • Brand strategy

  • Name, tagline and messaging

  • Logo and identity design

  • Brand launch and implementation

  • Communications

  • Brand Voice/Tone

  • Brand DNA

  • Positioning

  • Collateral

Consumer Branding

Great consumer brands genuinely touch hearts and activate minds by unifying both emotional and functional benefits. We help your organization intersect these two concepts to build powerful and motivating connections across your portfolio of brands and experiences.


  • Concept design

  • Name

  • Portfolio architecture

  • Product identity

  • Package design

  • Retail design

Brand Management


Managing the complexities and scale of a global brand requires advanced technology and the talent to understand how to enable and actualize it effectively. Ritual Digital has provided brand management technology and professional services to companies across the globe.


  • Brand management outsourcing

  • Digital workflow applications

  • Custom engineering and integration

  • Photo, logo and template libraries